Lotus Eater SF

by drea55

It began with a simple idea. Adam put a tremendous amount of work into transforming the space, which started as an empty warehouse,

outpost construction outpost construction2

and blossomed into a cozy meeting place, called Outpost India Basin.

Blood, sweat, tears, permits, red tape, inspections, re-inspections — nothing would deter Adam. He spent the better part of a year building the space out, almost single handedly, and every detail, from the metal work in the kitchen to the stain on the concrete floors (that was created by repurposing spent chemicals from his jewelry school,) was his doing. outpost floors

His idea was simply to create a warm, inviting place that would bring people together. Since opening Outpost for business a year ago, the space has been host to myriad events such as dance parties, cheese making classes, jewelry making demonstrations, lectures, whole pig roasts, and of course, pop up dinners.

outpost people unhinged room:kitchen Unhinged room shot

I came onto the scene right around the time that Adam had begun construction on the space. I was the private chef for a family then, bored and jonesing to again feel the adrenaline rush that comes with cooking for a large crowd, something I had been missing since leaving the restaurant scene years prior. My introduction to Adam was serendipitous. I signed up for one of his jewelry classes and really, the rest is history. On my first night of class, Adam had just returned from a wild boar hunting trip, and within seconds of meeting, we were excitedly exchanging food stories, and quickly realized that we were kindred spirits. When Adam told me about Outpost India Basin, I knew that this was the place where I could let my dream of hosting pop up dinners play out.

A couple of years later, after our first pop up dinner (Le Pop Up,) Adam and I decided that we needed a name for what we hoped would turn into a regular supper club. We started calling ourselves Lotus Eater SF because we liked the story from The Odyssey, and we hope that our guests will find our dinners as delicious and enchanting as a visit to the land of the Lotus-eaters:

“I was driven thence by foul winds for a space of 9 days upon the sea, but on the tenth day we reached the land of the Lotus-eaters, who live on a food that comes from a kind of flower. Here we landed to take in fresh water, and our crews got their mid-day meal on the shore near the ships. When they had eaten and drunk I sent two of my company to see what manner of men the people of the place might be, and they had a third man under them. They started at once, and went about among the Lotus-eaters, who did them no hurt, but gave them to eat of the lotus, which was so delicious that those who ate of it left off caring about home, and did not even want to go back and say what had happened to them, but were for staying and munching lotus with the Lotus-eaters without thinking further of their return; nevertheless, though they wept bitterly I forced them back to the ships and made them fast under the benches. Then I told the rest to go on board at once, lest any of them should taste of the lotus and leave off wanting to get home, so they took their places and smote the grey sea with their oars.” – from Odyssey IX, translated by Samuel Butler.